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      Stuart Norton

      Hi all,

      I’m trying to export my hull as 3D DXF curves to import into Photomodeler. The stations and waterlines are exported as splines, but Photomodeler will only import polylines. Does anyone know what software I could use to convert 3D splines to 3D polylines? (Without having to buy Rhino!)

      (The 2nd screenshot is from Photomodeler, where I can overlay the CAD onto real-world photos, as Photomodeler calculates camera positions. I’m using it to re-find the shape of this 1800’s ferry)

      Thanks for any advice…


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      John Owles

      I have just had a go at using my TurboCad v20 to convert splines to polylines.

      Use the Join Polyline tool. Set it to Auto Join. Select each spline in turn. The result will be that each spline selected will have become a polyline.

      A wee but laborious but it seems to work.

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      Robert Holme

      Maybe Google Sketchup will convert.

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      Autocad R12 did not support splines, so when exporting from DELFTship to Autocad DXF R12 all splines will automatically be converted/downgraded to polylines.

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      Stuart Norton

      I bought Rhino in the end. It supports lots of conversions methods. (Don’t think I’ll ever make a hull in Rhino though, Delftship is way better)


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