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      Would it be possible or feasible to enable Delftship to export not only the shell surface, but the offset shell and its thickness?

      After exporting the surface, I thickent it in Punch! ViaCad. But, when i mirror things in that app, it takes quite a long time because i have to break the mesh down into surfaces, join the various shapes I want so I can faux-represent plate cut/weld areas. But, those thickened surfaces have plate edges that intersect rather than form flush. SO, I have to Boolean-remove them, whic is another layer of work.

      So, this is my motivation to ask whether it’s possible or feasible to have DS export a CAD-usable solid (not just 3d DXF mesh) that requires no further work in the CAD app. Perhaps I’m mis-using Delftship, but it’s my preference to create the points coincident to where I create stations because I want the sideshell to conincide with the midpoint of the bulkhead thickness. This is so that later, when I break down my model by compartment, I can keep the boundary bulkhead or hide it but still have the compartment sideshell NOT overlap forward or aft to another compartment.

      Pleasantly, I recently realized that by turning my station lines into “edges”, the sideshell snaps up or nicely follows the contour of the station. This gets rid of the undesired outward flare i was experiencing at the gunwhales/deck edge. Before i realized the effect of making stations into edges, i decided to extrude the shell upward, and that got me to fully forming my superstructures/deck houses. Now, i am making better use of the program.

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