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      Hi, I had previously created this in the wrong place.

      I am new to DS and I had a question.

      Is there a way of reading markers coordinates in excel or notepad?

      I exported my markers, and I wish to see them in a file.

      Maybe there is a better way of doing what I want. Essently, I am done drawing my canoe shape. I would like to export the sections coordinates so I can use a CNC machine. I tried creating stations, and then creating markers on those stations. My goal was to export the markers coordinates into a readable .txt file or in excel.

      Do you have any idea of how I can do that?

      Thank you very much for you patience.

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      Donna Klinton

      Hi there
      After you completing the markers coordinates,yoiu can export this into the readable excel files using this Excel processing tool.
      It can complete everything as you wish.Just have a try.

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