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      I started my trimaran design before going through the forums and reading the process of starting with the ama and then offsetting it before starting the main hull. Currently I have the main hull and ama as separate projects. I tried exporting the ama as a part (select all > export part) but the file is only a KB size and when I try to import it into the main hull project I get an error (see attachment). Is there a way to combine the 2 projects or do I need to start over?
      Thx, mark


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      Papp Miklos

      The exported part by old versions was good for new programs, but the new programs can’t to export good part and can’t to read it.

      Old version
      new version!!!

      The two parts not equable!!

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      Papp Miklos

      The new program read the old version of parts but can’t write and read good

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      Papp Miklos

      The new program read the old version part files, only write new “part” file but can’t to read the wrote file, after the program displayed a “read error” message.
      The old (good) part by 427.101, the new (wrong) part by 438.130.

      The allowed file extension no have is part, I can’t to send the two part files. I sent its to info@delftship.net.

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      I’m sorry, but your response makes no sense. Can you restate what you believe the issue is and its resolution?

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      Maximilian Hacker

      I think miskulasp tried to suggest the Problem could lie within different Delft Versions – the elder one doesn’t accept files made by a more recent Version of Delft. It seems Marvin converted it manually for him in his case. In your case the error message should state then something like “error reading from file”, not just an error number.

      Combining different parts, whole ships or even just selected surfaces of an object into another project should work fine in priniciple. Maybe the parts were too complex for the memory space left?

      For the size of the part Files: it is typical that they are extremely small, 1 Kb or 2 Kb is absolutely normal! (of course, the more points, the greater the file size, for example – a part file that contains parts with 1000 Points in total has just 51 Kb in my case)

      I think we will have to wait for Marvin’s encrypton of the error log to get closer to the problems cause. You could also try to make a simple file just for testing the exchanges you intend to make.

      best regards


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      Dave Tucker

      I’m attempting to do the same thing tuffmutt is doing and I’ve run into the exact same dilemma. so I’ll be interested to know how to resolve it.

      I recently loaded the free version onto a new computer, and everything I’ve done has been with the most recent version. I’m doing four different files for a trimaran (main, floats, forward beam, aft beam), with the intention of exporting floats and beams then importing to the main hull.

      I attempted the suggested test by opening a new file, save a keel part file (default settings), then tried to import into the newly opened file, and received the “error reading file” message. interestingly, the keel part file was 3Kb.

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      Have you tried updating to the latest version?
      There should eb an update available through the automatic update command.
      You can force the update by selecting “Updates” from the help menu.

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      Papp Miklos

      All Right Marven!

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      Dave Tucker

      Bingo. that worked. Thanks! I didn’t think of that since I’d just downloaded it, I figured it had all the updates.


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      Upgraded to latest & that fixed it. Thanks Marvin! You have a great application & I just want to say thanks from all the wannabe boat designers out there that have discovered DelftShip.

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