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      Tom Boudreau

      Hello – first post here – new user. I am a mechanical designer primarily using SolidWorks to design systems for large cargo ships and i’m looking to access a library of common hull shapes to import into Solid Works. I really like some of the users uploads that i’ve viewed from this forum using the Delftship Free and before we invest in purchasing the software i was hoping to ask more questions regarding the Export options.

      Also, when using the ‘Check Model’ tool and discovering ‘leak points’, i’m interested in knowing if the Purchased software will allow me to mend those leak points?

      when i export the DXF and open it in SolidWorks, the surfaces are disjointed and can not be rendered as a solid until i fix all of those leak points.

      The STL export does not succesfully import into SolidWorks.

      Are there any folks here experienced with these Export functions? Can someone explain the benefits of the Purchased program compared to the Free?

      Thank you in advance for any help here and again, really nice work done by all!

      Tom Boudreau
      Connecticut, USA

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      Tom Boudreau

      Does anyone know if the web contact for DelftShip is active? I’ve sent an inquiry but have recieved no acknowledgement in return.

      can anyone comment on the differences in functionality between the Free and the Professional versions of this software?

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      Yes the web contact is active, but it maybe that the office is closed this week due to holidays this week.

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      adriano natalini

      Hi Poulsen.
      Personally am still using DS free for learning process, sofar I know this version has limted access to the main extentions, which are important when you professionally design a boat/ship .
      My suggestion is, you start the free version (doesn’t cost anything!) then you’ll soon realize on yr own what kind of limitations are there.
      Have fun with DS πŸ™‚

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      Eric Bailey

      Professional has automatic fairing – which is good – but it also takes practice to get the shape of hull you want and have it faired automatically.

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      Tom Boudreau

      I realize like any modeling software, theres a learning curve, but ive spent a week or so with the DelftFree and some user models (all very helpful, Thank you all).

      When i ‘Check Part’, it tells me there are ‘leaks’ in the structure. i can not seem to fix these leaks with the free program.

      When i export/import into SolidWorks, these leaks appear as voids or holes in the surface. These voids are not allowing me to turn the surface into a solid model.

      I am still waiting on some acknowledgement from DelftShip (a week now) to help explain the benifits of the Professional package…

      Does anyone from DelftShip participate in these forums?

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      well you can use the tool view leak points only to display the leak points.

      A point is considered β€œleak” if:
      ● It is not situated on the center plane, meaning that the y-coordinate of the point >0.0001.
      ● The point is situated on a boundary edge (An edge with only 1 face attached to it).
      Note that for hydrostatic calculations an edge counts also as a boundary edge if two faces are
      attached to it of which one is excluded from hydrostatic calculations. This could for example be the
      case for a ship with a closed deck, from which the deck is put in a separate layer that is not included
      in the hydrostatics calculations. In that case DELFTship keeps calculating until the deck line is
      submerged. Also windows or any other none watertight surfaces could be treated similar.
      It is important to realize that leak points are not actually always leak in the sense that they are always making
      water. A leak point in DELFTship is a point that is potentially leak and only becomes actually leak if it is
      submerged. So the presence of leak points does not always have to pose a problem, just as long as they are
      not submerged.

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