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      John Owles


      Does anybody know where the export dialogs are in DS v7? I am wanting to export station curves as individual files, and to adjust spline accuracy, as I have done in previous versions but it now it just goes straight to save with no options. The latest manual mentions dialogs but I can’t find them anywhere.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi, just scroll down:


      You’ll find SAVE, SAVE AS and EXPORT with available options.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      John Owles

      Thanks Jurgen, I got that but there are not any options showing. Clicking on any item in the menu goes to Save only – No dialog options.

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      John Owles

      To add some clarity to the problem, I have copied the relevant Export section from the manual and marked, in bold, the options that should be available. No dialog appears during export, nor is there, as far as I can see, any way of setting these options in advance.

      DXF polylines (2D)
      The intersection curves (except diagonals) can be exported to a 2D DXF file. A dialog allows to specify the
      directory where the files should be saved and the units in which they are saved (meters, centimeters, millimeters,
      feet or inches). Each curve can be exported to a separate file, or curves can be grouped and saved to 3 files
      (stations, buttocks and waterlines)
      . Since curves are exported as polylines, curved sections are approximated by
      straight line segments. The max. length these straight line segments is adjustable making this export ideal for
      CNC data.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi, it’s me again.
      Well,pass the cursor on the little arrow next to SAVE icon >> a pop down window shows SAVE, SAVE AS, EXPORT.
      on EXPORT there’s another pop down menu with all the usual options of DS.
      For ex.:

      Also 2D polylines…
      I’m sorry to insist on the obvious but it’s all there.
      Or maybe I’ve misunderstood something…
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      John Owles

      Hi Jurgen, I think we have a misunderstanding. Let me step through the problem, using Export DFX 2D Curves as the example and see if I can clarify this a bit further.

      I understand where to find Export from the Save Icon, the confusion lies in the secondary options that seem to have disappeared.

      In previous versions, after selecting DFX 2D Curves from the Export menu, a dialogue window appeared with options to Save Curves as Separate Files and to define the Segment Line Length of the Polylines.

      In the Help file for DS v7 and in the Manual_722_287_mc1 pdf file, it specifies that,

      Each curve can be exported to a separate file, or curves can be grouped and saved to 3 files
      (stations, buttocks and waterlines). Since curves are exported as polylines, curved sections are approximated by straight line segments. The max. length these straight line segments is adjustable making this export ideal for
      CNC data

      As can be seen from the extract above and in my previous post.

      Export DFX 2D Curves, Step by step in this version 7, goes as follows:-
      Select Export from the Save icon
      Select DFX 2D Curves from the Export menu
      The Folder window appears
      Select folder and Save As……

      The DXF file is saved in the way of your example, without any of the secondary options to ‘Save Curves As Separate Files’ or ‘Enter Segment Line Length’

      I hope the above helps to show my confusion

      In the past I have found these secondary options very useful for producing full size station patterns for creating building jigs.

      Thanks again, John

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      giorgio zuppin

      You’re right…and I am a *******!
      It’s a natural product of ageing.

      As in your claim all lines are exported with no options (almost not visible).
      To my excuse I normally do not use this export option so I was not aware of the changes.
      Now we can only wait an intervention from the high brass of DS…
      Bye and sorry, Jurgen.

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      John Owles

      Thank you for your time and effort Jurgen. I also have the same ageing problem but then, I have two or three years more practice.


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      John Owles

      OK, I now see how things are working.

      The curves are saved as separate entities within the one file. The Age thing again.

      My only concern now is that the line segments could be a tad shorter.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Let me kindly disagree:
      Some options described in the guide could be achieved manipulating the .fbm file, as delete waterlines and buttocks so you have a .dxf with only stations.
      But this is NOT what precisely described above, not to mention adjusting segment’s lenght.
      If it all was available before, well your complaints are correct.
      Bye, Jurgen.

    • #38138
      Robert Holme

      Oh Dear!

      Anecdotally it appears to me that a large number of the current crop of developers across pretty well all software houses develop “Bells and Whistles” at the expense of functionality; or in the interests of data mining.


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      giorgio zuppin

      It’s a point of wiew and as on my concern quite correct.
      But in this case:
      do we have some function lost?
      were those redundant?
      the “help” files must be corrected?
      Sure the end of the world is’nt nigh, only some clarity needed.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      John Owles

      Hello, Forgive the late response, I have been away for a while.

      Anyway, in response. Your point that the .fbm file can be manipulated to export only the curves that are required has always been the case.
      What ever curves that are selected are now laid out separately in the one exported file. Therefore we can then copy/paste them and do whatever is required with them………

      As I already mentioned, it used to be the case that the selected curves could: 1. Be saved as separate files. 2. Adjust the segment length of the polylines, as required, to obtain a smoother curve.


      This functionality is clearly stated in the help files and in the current user manual but it is most definitely missing from the software.

      As you say Jurgen, Some clarity is required and or the relevant sections of the Help/Manual files should be amended.

      Cheers, John.

    • #38144

      Ah! Now I understand this issue 🙂
      You are right, the export is now a single file, for ease of import.
      the manual is currently being overhauled to reflect this. I apologise for the confusion…

    • #38146
      John Owles

      Thank you Maarten, I understood what had happened eventually.
      Cheers, John

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      Anneler Ruedi


      I’m using Delfship Pro 8.08.
      Where can I define the segment lenght for the DXF export for the stations, please? Like to have curves as smooth as possible for CNC milling. Was not able to find it, sorry.

      Any help is highly appreciated

    • #38354
      Anneler Ruedi


      I’ve the same problem. The line segments when exporting e.g. statios as dxf are too long to create a smooth curve I want to use as input to create the cnc milling code.

      Is there really no option available to export e.g. the stations as splines in a dxf file?http://www.delftship.net/DELFTship/media/kunena/emoticons/ermm.png

      This means must I really smooth / convert the exported polylines (dxf) to smooth curves by my own with a cad program, like e.g. turboCAD?

      All recommendations are highly appreciated http://www.delftship.net/DELFTship/media/kunena/emoticons/smile.png

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