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      Printing to PDF of developed surfaces at 1:1 aspect isn’t very realistic as the PDF format has a dimension limit of the paper size. My original goal was to print to PDF, and email/ftp the file to someone for plotting. Alas, it won’t work as the dimensions were too large as there are apparently limits to the PDF format. The boat I am making is a “stitch and glue” with the idea of using the developed & plotted pieces as a “sewing pattern”. I considered adding more segments and then “splicing” them together. However, that caused problems with the surfaces within delftship.

      If we could somehow export to EPS while maintaining the aspect ratio and dimensions for plotting, it would likely help a great many people. The materials I use are much too large for most CNC routers.

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      CNC software usually accepts DXF, have you considered using this format?

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      Forgive me if I was vague. I’m not trying to use a CNC router, but rather print it on a plotter. However, to do so I have to haul my computer a long ways across the city. My friend who owns the plotter has a MAC, so installing Delftship on his computer isn’t an option. Printing to PDF isn’t viable as the length is too long for most converters to support. In the end I found PDF995 could export it in larger print sizes.

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