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      Feature request for DS Pro, base version (not in an extension, please)

      Can you add a semi-autofairing feature that maintains the LOA/LWL to 95% of present length, but iterates in a way that gently fairs the hull? What I’d like to do is define the hull flare/non-perpendicularity to sea, then station-by-station fair the bodyplan appearance.

      I’d also like to be able to simultaneously view the Hydrostatics report as i’m editing the curves/nodes. I’d like to be able to X click on certain speeds or speed bands that will turn red and flash on the screen two colors of my choosing: Maybe green so that when I hit my target, I’m alerted and I can stop tweaking, and I can then LOCK those adjustments; Another color that flashes if I exceed or violated my speed target for a give draft.

      Theoretically, I could be able to tell the program that I want optimal speed/resistance efficiency at a given speed band vs draft, from the beginning, for a given LOA/LWL, stern type, and appendage count/section area. Then from the very beginning of a fresh (no paper guides) project, I would be constrained to the best realistic linework.


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      Should I look at trying to fair the surface, and not just the curves? I have some humps and saddle like curvature that my eye/hand cannot nearly make as perfect as the computer can. I think I don’t have a proper understanding of how to limit the autofairing. My past attempts might not have been sound, so I think I’d better revisit the matter. But, I need to learn how to fair the hull and still not adversely change the non-vertical angle of the sideshell.

      Has anyone had success?

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      Jesus Cruz

      Have you try to fair the hull with the hull transformation tool?, probaly you can get a better approach of what you are really looking for.

      Hope it helps


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      Hmmm… Well, I tried it. I didn’t want dramatic adjustments in the hull, so I made small, incremental adjustments to check for improvements worth keeping.

      I got some improvement in hydros, but since I use creases (so that the sideshell in the view “tightens up” against my stations so that my sideshell can be subdivided in a way meaningful to me, I reverted to my hand fairing.

      One thing that definitely made me not use the autofairing is that I do not want my stations displaced from where i set them. I don’t mind if the hull itself tightens up to meet the proposed hydros targets, but I found that the program actually shifted all of my stations.

      I set stations in place to visually manage my model. I assign some 15 layers just to the major compartments. I use creases at the TVBHDs to keep the “skin” from curving fore and aft of my stations. To have those move on me is disconcerting. But, since I’m using creases (at BHDs and at WLs), and the curved areas are essentially straightened out, there’s probably not much DS can improve upon unless I remove the creases. I did remove creases from the sonar dome, though, since creases make it look bad.

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