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      Sometimes my (border) edges are turning pink (control) after a create a new adjacent surface.

      Coudln’t find how to make them normal (grey) again. Any idea how to do it?

      Also, when does it happen in general?


      Many Thanks in advance,

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      Terrance Egolf

      Hello, Iggy.

      I am by no means an expert on these things but I do use the program on a regular basis for a ship-modeling project.

      Where I have found persistent crease edges to occur is when the new surface just created does not share the existing edge but is actually parallel to it. This can happen when the new surface uses a control point not on the original creased edge. You can often detect this problem by zooming in on either end of the edge you are trying to un-crease to see if there are actually two points at one end or the other, or there are two parallel edges close together.

      Another issue is that, occasionally, after creating the new surface, the edge will not automatically un-crease. To correct this, select the edge and click on the unlabled Crease button in the Edge menu group on the Home ribbon. If the edge doesn’t un-crease, then the first situation is likely the problem.

      Hope this helps.



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      Edges are color coded- so red is a crease edge, pink is an edge that connects to more than 2 hydrostatic layere faces. This is meant as a warning, as for hydrostatic layers, more than 2 faces to an edge is a big problem: we can no longer tell which side is the ‘dry’ side of a face. The ‘Check model’ function should give you an error.

      An edge that connects more than 2 non-hydrostatic faces is green.

      Otherwise, if you have ‘Control curves’ enabled in the Hull display menu, DELFTship shows purple control curves. If they overlap with a red crease edge, the result can look pink-ish.

      Further to Terry’s remark: outer edges are always crease edges, as they cannot be faired to any adjacent face.

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