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      I am using Delftship Free, and so my hull/waterline/station nodes fairing are all by hand except where i use the tool to align things here and there.

      For decks i add in extra waterlines at the desired levels for deck and deck thickness, and all the decks are parallel to baseline. For transverse watertight bulkheads plate thickness, i add in extra stations to the desired thickness. I exported the model to DXF 3D Polyline file format.

      For CAD, i use Punch! ViaCAD. Because the waterlines are not broken by Delftship at the stations, i use segment and/or trimming tools and even cutting planes. However, i find that the station/waterlines lines are not cutting or intersecting correctly at the Y axis lines in ViaCAD. They are CLOSE, but visually don’t intersect. It may be a ViaCAD Pro problem. But, i also checked in AutoCAD, and it, too is having the problem, but the units are off, maybe a rounding setting being in play here.

      Marven, are they cases where at x number of decimals the lines can be expected to NOT intersect? I am using inches/feet but may rework the model in mm and make stations and waterlines occur at exact/integer values.

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