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      Fernando Cruz

      Good day,

      I am using DELFTship Pro even though I am only an amateur trying to build my own boat and become good at it.

      I created a DXF file and tried to view it with DWG TrueView. I got a blank screen even though DWG TrueView did not complain about a corrupt file.

      I tried to attach the DXF file in question below but the tab below did not allow me to attach a DXF file.

      I am working on Windows 10.

      Thank you for any light on this matter.


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      Fernando Cruz

      OK. Nothing wrong with the DELFTship DXF file. Another reader was able to open the file without a problem.

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      Thanks for the update. I have added dxf as an aalowed file type, just in case 🙂

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      Fernando Cruz

      Thanks Maarten. Good for next time.

      Can you suggest a free software that I can use to print DXF file full scale on a printer?

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      Fernando Cruz

      In fact all I would really need at this point is for the plot function in “Tools/Lines plan/Plot” to split the lines plan into multiple pages so a normal A4 printer can give me pages I can glue together if I need to.

      Currently the drawing of a model that scales to a 36 cm long hull (a 3,6 m boat scaled 1/10) will not “plot” the left and the right parts of the drawing. I am working on another hull, this one 4,2 m. I will have the same problem.

      Is this something DELFTship Pro (which I have) would be able to do?

      Can you help?

      I will certainly use a dxf file to have the local printing services print me full size station lines of the 3,6 m hull when I am ready to build the real boat.


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      iosif gross

      Hi Fernando

      I know is one month late, better latter than never

      I don’t have any problem doing it.

      First, I am opening the drawing in a 2D CAD program

      In your file printing page, you can scale the drawing to see what you want.

      I click on “Print Preview”, if it is what I want, click print

      Best wishes


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      John Owles

      Hello Fernando,

      As above, better late than never.

      I suggest using Export 2d Curves to dxf. This will give you all the curves in the Lines plan, separated out. You can, as you suggest, use these to form your building jig.

      I attach a screen shot of the stations and centreline profile, for the first boat that I built from working with Delftship, that I had printed on a roll. I then glued them onto mdf and set them up according to the station spacing. I also attach an image of the finished boat for your interest.

      I now produce a more sophisticated jig for my builds, using the same process, that is CNC cut.

      I hope this helps


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      Hi all- in relation to lines plan dxf file exportation into a CAD (Bentley Microstation).

      I would like to know which scale is used by Delftship. ( lines plan exported in mm- dimension where in m)

      This is because I need to produce professional documents and need to state the scale adopted ( in the final produced Lines Plan format)- but I am not sure about this data and I do know where to find this information .

      Hope someone can help me

      Many Thanks

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      iosif gross

      Hi Riccardose

      In tools, you click on the “Lines Plan” icon then click on the File/Save icon and a small window will pop-up asking “Do you want to export the geometry in millimeters?”

      Click yes, you will get the .dxf file and save it where you wish.

      So the answer to your question is: the .dxf is in millimeters

      Be aware that the Hydrostatics and Design hydrostatics are in meters

      Best wishes



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