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      Othmar Karschulin

      Dear friends,
      I designed an asymmetric hull and want to export it to DXF-Format. The only way it works (more or less) is with ‘DXF 2D curves’, and file type ‘DXF R12’. All other possibilities are not working. I use the professional version of DELFT Ship 8.06. The exported files I tried to read with an older AutoCad-Version from 2004 or with the newest DWG Reader … without success.

      Also I get problems however with leak points. The points of both halfs under waterline are exactly at the same position, and the transom is closed. I first designed one hull (only under the cwl), then mirrored it with ‘points connected’, but leak point remain. The asymmetric part starts 5 cm above the cwl.

      Is this a specific problem of asymmetry? Has someone an idea?

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