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      Hallo all
      I can draw a boot in delftship but….
      How do you calculate if the draft is correct
      And can you ad weight for the engine andere fuel tank(s) or do i need the load extension voor that purpose?

      Thanks in advance

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      For the second part of your question, you can “cheat”.
      I mean you can get a rough estimation by drawing broadly your engine (or fuel tank) on its own layer and set this layer’s density so that the whole layer’s fits the engine’s (or the fuel tank’s) weight. But for this can work, you must set a reasonable density to each layer of your model.
      Don’t forget to overestimate the hull and topsides’s density in order to include the bulkheads not drawn.
      If the hull has no weight at all and the engine has one, the calculation will never be reliable. Do you know the word “barycenter”? :whistle:

      You’ll find the data boxes in the LAYERs’ DIALOGUE.

      I assume this can work pretty well for a scaled model.

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      Thanks for your reply

      I think i can work with this wel in any case ik wil geven it a try.

      It is not for a scaled model but a fullsize vessel witch i Am gonna build later on

      Its a litlle tugboat of 7.5 m andere the engine is gonna be a 30 hp kromhout engine afferage hot bulb engine to be presise it weighs 2.5 tons and is plased in the front cabine

Viewing 2 reply threads
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