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      Fernando Jimenez

      My new wide display show me destined images. I regard my old square display ..:(
      Can I ajust Delfship resolution to the new display?.

      Can anybody to help me. Thanks


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      Can you explain what you mean with “destined images”?

      DELFTship uses the screen resolution as configured in Windows.
      If you have a wide screen display your resolution is probably set to a display ratio of 16:9 (corresponding to a display resolution of 1440×900 or 1920×080 etc).
      Usually you can modify this in your windows settings, however I don’t think it’s possible to set an aspect ratio of 4:3 like the conventional crt monitors had.

      Whay would you want this? Isn’t the model displayed correctly?
      It helps if you could post an image or screenshot.

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      Fernando Jimenez

      Thanks Marven. “Destined images” means, non escaled image, sorry.
      When I try modify the resolution, I never have the right ratio between leng/beam. But when I print it, is O.K.

      Thanks again

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