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      Tim Stewart

      As you can see from link:


      Delftship is giving me problems, since installing the latest build. 🙁

      When manipulating the model, using the scrollbars, the image flashes.
      When manipulating the model using the arrow keys, the model both flashes and the up, down, left, right arrow keys only alter the orientation about the vertical axis. Surely the up and down arrow keys should move the model about the horizontal axis?

      Is it possible to fix this? :huh:

      Regards Tim

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      Dear Tim,

      Thanks for your post.
      We are releasing a new update this weekend which solves the flickering problem.

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      Tim Stewart


      thanks for update – all very smooth now. 🙂
      However, I cannot now use the arrow keys to manipulate the model – is there a programming issue with doing this?


      Regards Tim

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