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      I made model (in metric units) and I was need to move it to align back back of the model to Y=0 (no control points are sticking out to negative Y). This Far_end control point is on center line. Now visible dimension’s grid starts from 65 not 0.

      How can I make the grid start from 0 again? And why does this shifting happen?

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      It looks like I found the answer on my own question 😉

      The coordinates of end point should be X=0,Y=0. The grid starts from Zero again.

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      Nope, that was too early to celebrate. I have another model which has X=0,Y=0 at end point, but grid was offset too. I had to move entire model to negative X, to get grid start from 0

      Any ideas why it happens?

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      It looks like after moving entire model, Zero coordinate (in profile view) starts from intersection of centerline of the hull with DWL. So it is need to move model in opposite (X) direction the same amount as shown on first vertical grid-line.

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      The dimension grid shows the location of ordinates, waterlines and buttocks. If you don’t have an ordinate at location zero then it will not start here. Simply try if you can add an ordinate at that location. Of course the model should have a surface there in the first place to create the ordinate from.

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      DS v3.2

      1. Zero line in Z direction (baseline) stay 0 and only other lines are being recalculated if entire model moved in vertical direction.
      2. Zero X line (X-baseline) changes from 0 to an amount the model was moved in longitudinal direction.

      I was surprised, there is no way to correct intersections in “Intersection” window or delete only one intersection.

      Solution which works so far to bring X baseline to 0.

      – Select entire model (Select->Select All)
      – Move model that far-end point has X=-0.0001 (Transform->Move->Longitudinal axis->needed amount)

      At this point base X axis will start from negative point. Note: If only END point has X=0 you will not be able create X=0 intersection (need to have surface?)

      – View->Intersections->Stations->Delete All stations (trash can icon)
      – Add station (+1 icon), enter 0 in “New intersection” dialog, click green check mark. It will create 0 X-baseline.
      – Move model +0.0001 in X direction. Transform->Move->Longitudinal axis->0.0001

      Now model has 0 X-baseline and end point has X=0 coordinates.

      -Recreate as many stations as needed with needed distance between it.

      Kind of inconvenient, but works.

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