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      Fergus Grant

      Good Morning,

      I would like to put my oar in and request some additional features for any future update that I believe would make using the software even more enjoyable. I tend to use diagonals for fairing purposes and I would really appreciate the ability to specify the angle. 45 deg. is fine around the turn of the bilge but becomes less meaningful elsewhere depending on the hull shape e.g. full keel yacht. Another useful one would be a realtime Cp output to allowing tweaking of the lines without having to hit the hydrostatics button to check the Cp. Last but not least the ability to save in native Rhino file format.
      An additional thought; as T-Splines (subdivision surface plugin for Rhino) has been sold to AutoDesk and thus probably no longer supported for Rhino, better integration with Rhino may be a smart move commercially as well.
      I hope this all make sense.

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      Both realtime Cp and diagonals at user defined angles will be in version 5 which will be realesed in February.

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      Fergus Grant


      That’s great news. I look forward to that. Is there a list of what’s new for the next release?

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