determine rib outline and position on keel for planking

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      Dear ladies and gentlemen,

      I am busy designing Charlotte Rhodes of Onedin Line series.
      I am on the way to designe the hull using your great software.

      Now my question: I want to build this model ship in classic keel / rib / planks manner. But I do’nt understand how to get the ribs’ outline from the linesplan.

      I assume “Bodyplan View” and “Profile View” are the correct views…

      May I ask you for advice?

      kind regards,
      Andreas Resch

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      I think what you’re looking for is bodyplan view with only the stations displayed.

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      Hi, thanks – yes this is a good advice. The ribs outline can be determined like this.

      Unfortunately station lines are not numbered eg – thus I see no way to assign a position on the keel to a specific station (rib)!

      Kind regards,

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      A possible way to determine the ribs is to use multiple views like in this screenshot.

      Or export in 2D and select individual files. The filenumbers are numbered using the station distances.

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