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      John Owles

      Since the last couple of updates Layer Weights are not displayed.

      We built the prototype of this design last winter (proved very successful) and the weights were showing then. I revisited to the model prior to comencing the building of three more and was surprised to see that Layer Weights were not showing. As far as I know, I haven’t altered anything that would cause this, although that may be possible.

      Does anybody have any ideas why this should happen?

      Delftship Layers Screenshot
      Design Hydrostatics Screenshot

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      Hi John,


      Just checked, for me it works. If you create a layers report (layers window, report button) does it work there?

      Can you share the model with us so I can look at what is happening?

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      Denis Pratt

      What is the density of the materials for your hull. They look very low to me.

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      John Owles

      Sorry about the delay, life gets in the way sometimes.

      I’ve found the problem at my end. I was looking at an old version model. I hadn’t noticed the nwe “Coordinate system” tab in project settings. Went in, checked and adjusted so that everything is compatible. All functioning corectly now.


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