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      Hey guys,
      I have a problem importing 3D mesh files from DS into Inventor.
      Importing is possible, but the scale is wiered and I cant go on working by giving the surfaces a thickness and making them volume bodys. At least Inventor can’t work with of the all surfaces and tells me there are falures at some surfaces. I read a lot about in on the Internet and some people say the IGES export of the DSPro version solves the problem. Would anybody using the Pro version export my fbm file to IGES so i can see weather it makes sense to buy it ?


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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello, mr MBur.
      Nice question, it was my first, when I started to use DS, try to export works on Autocad.
      It works great for workshop sketches, but when I tried to mess up with 3D using the new Inventor Fusion 2013: nay, nay..
      No use, they say.
      So I’ll keep on the conservative way: otherwise I feel that the DS way to manage the 3D mesh, is very practical for proper hull design, that’s the way it was build up though.
      Hope is last to die… so if anybody has a tip…

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      That’s because solid modelers need a watertight surface to perform boolean operations on the surfaces. Have you tried exporting the model as a STL file? Most solid modelers have tools to process this type of surface.

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      giorgio zuppin

      I’ve tried, just in case… the mesh is recognized, it could be showed but no boolean operations allowed.
      What is most important, for me I tried to export from Fusion a solid in *.wrl format but DS ( free version ) refuse to recognize it.
      Anyway thanks for your help.

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      Unfortunately STL doesnt work with Inventor.

      I asked a friend using DSPro to export my file to IGES.
      It works awesome! What I got is all the stations and waterlines as curves in 3D space.
      Now I can easily extrude them to volume bodys and surfaces I can work with.

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