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      Dennis V

      Hi all,

      I wonder how I can import a delftship model to google sketchup.
      I readed somewhere that you have to import it as an .dxf file but it doesn’t work, because it says that it can’t be opened with Sketchup. I run the latest version of SketchUp.

      I hope anyone can help me with this,

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      David Telles

      You must export your model out of Delftship as a dxf 3d mesh. Then you have to open sketchup and import the file. You can’t right click the file and use “open with”. Hope that helps.

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      Papp Miklos

      The dxf is a AUTOcad file. The SketchUp can’t read it, because the process of 3D is different.

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      David Telles

      Sketchup, even the free version, supports dxf.
      The process is as I mentioned – I do it all the time. Autodesk did create the format but it’s almost universal now. It’s a rare modeler indeed that won’t support dxf. If you try exporting the dxf mesh and importing into Sketchup, it should work. I do it often to check the underwater shape of my heeled model and to see its waterline. you can even place your model on a semi-opaque wave system to see its shape heeled and in motion. not very scientific but it beats guessing.

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      Papp Miklos

      Thank You the answer, but I don’t know what is the good file end (dxf or other?) The mesh file end is dxf and the SketchUp not see. See below the picture: in the 22 dictionary have a *.dxf file, the SketchUp not look it.

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      David Telles

      Ah. The evils of upgrading.
      I don’t use Sketchup 8. They apparently have removed the ability to import dwg and dxf files – so much for my support of their efforts to bring free 3d to the masses.
      I assume the pro version for 500 bux does support it.
      Never mind, just DL version 6 here

      Seven might also work but I haven’t tried.
      I never upgraded because I never thought their improvements warranted it and, with the no dxf support “improvement”, I guess that’s correct.
      Dump 8 or keep it, they run independently.

      Good luck!

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      alex noble

      you can only download pro 6 not normal 6. 🙁

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      A simple search revealed this:

      Version 5 to 8 of the free edition.

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      David Telles

      My bad Alex. Years since i actually visited that page. Anyway, Marven is quite right, the version you need is available all over the place.

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      David Telles

      btw, don’t know if you’ve seen this before but here’s a mind blowing sketchup model.

      SU is not my choice for this kind of work but the results are pretty spectacular.

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