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      AvatarGil Fleming


      I am a Delftship Pro user and recently opened the program and got a message on my screen that the new version was available. When I clicked on the box on the screen, I then got a message that this latest version – 4.38.129 in an unlicensed version and that the print and save functions have been disabled.

      What is the problem and what is the fix?

      Gil Fleming
      Gil Fleming Yacht Design Ltd.

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      Gil It seems our message have crossed. Have you received my personal email?

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      AvatarRoss Lillistone


      I selected the up-grade to 4.38.129 two days ago (I think) and I now cannot open the program, and get a message staing that there has been some violatoin effecting the .exe file. My operating system is Windows 7 and the computer is a 64-bit HP Elite with an I7 processor.

      I did try putting a back-up of Delfship Pro back into my Delftship folder on the c drive, but still no success.

      There were no other actions on my part other than clicking on the up-grade box when last opening the program, and I am the only user of this computer.

      Hope you can help,


      Ross Lillistone

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      Can you describe the error more precisely? Please also include the version number you have currently installed.
      You can also PM me a screenshot of the message.

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