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      Charlie Wilder

      I have just downloaded the free version to see how the software works and most of all if it suitable for use in my boatshed making and modelling woodenboat hulls.

      I learn most from doing so whilst I am working my way through the manual (sigh). I want to play around with the existing models in the delftship database how do I load these into the free version and can I download the all in one go?

      Kind regards

      Charlie Wilder

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      The free version will open tem so you”l be able to use those models. Cannot load them all at once, so just pick the ones you like the most 😉

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      Charlie Wilder

      Okay, thanks Marven.

      Is it possible to model parts such as a keelson separatelt and then bring them together in a final project. showing details such as how the keelson will join with the ships ribs or say the detailed angels on the rabbet?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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