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      I just updated to a newer release of DelftShip Free. Immediately I noticed a few things I miss and wish they remained as before:

      — verbal menu bar is no more, to me it is more useful than widely spread pictorial icons
      — shortcut keys for commands (Alt->E->E->I->Enter to insert an edge, etc. similar)
      — inability to run the new program in standalone mode without installing on the hard drive ( I can not run the new version off the USB drive!)
      — inability to import PART file created with an older version (this is bad as none of my older blocks would be imported in the new model! Like motors, small parts, screws, instruments, household blocks, etc. etc.) I can not believe I must re-create all of them of use old prgram -> export ->import into new program

      Perhaps I just was not able to find it yet. Regards.

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      You’re correct, the vertical menu has made room for the more modern ribbon style.
      You should however still be capable of running from a USB drive, nothing has changed that should avoid this.
      Can you send one of your parts to so I can check what’s happening there? Of course they should still be compatible with the new version.

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      One down. OK, I found out how to run the program off the USB pen drive. I installed the program on the hard drive and then just copied program containing folder onto my USB drive. So far it worked.

      I also figured out that older blocks do get imported into 5.06 version. Now if only I could have an option of using short-keys!

      Thanks for the help.

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