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      DSfree 5.26.228/32 bits computes Cp as half the real one, when in heeled hydrostatics.
      It can be corrected activating “symetry” in the layer, but then all other values get wrong.
      I think this doesn’t happened with previos versions, is it possible to download previous versions again?.
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      Two years ago I asked a link to download a FreeShip’s old version for my old computer. Check for the last but one post on this thread:

      But I’m affraid that by now, it’s too old for you 😉

      An important point: If you try to open your file (using a DS’ older version than the one you used to design your model) it will probably not work. So you’ll probably have to draw all your model again using the older version… :S

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      Thanks Icare, I’ll give it a try.
      About the Cp issue, I found it’s not related to heeling hydrostatics but to Symetry.
      I made an horizontal cylinder, half inmersed, and unchecked the symetry box (in order to avoid volume duplication). Cp should be 1.0, but Delftship shows 0.5
      I wonder if Delftship Pro shows the same issue.
      Cylinder attached

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