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      Hello everyone.

      I am much interested in Delftship but having trouble in how to start. I just got confuse every time I attempt to make a new project and scale it to the inserted image. I would like to ask your help and suggestions.

      best regards,


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      Robert Holme

      Hi Victor,

      OK you are approaching this backasswards.

      You start a new project with everything at full size length, beam and draft. For ships the length is usually length between perpendiculars and for boats length overall. Its also best to leave the number of horizontal and vertical points at the defaults for now.

      With this basic and ungainly shape established the drawings are inserted and scaled to the lengths with scaling set so that x and y axes are scaled equally.

      Where possible there should be 3 separate drawings at the same drawing scale of Right Proflie, Half Plan of the port side and a body plan initially viewed from the front.



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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi there, first steps are always tricky.. so, Maryak posted perfect hints: there are two ways to scale up/down pics, simply drag after selecting “same scale” option: not so precise but intuitive and/or set points with correct coordinates…
      A part for transparence and blending – it depends on graphic’s settings and your skills – some basic work had to be done on originals too. Old frontwiews are aligned on base, so when you try to cope waterlines… no use!
      For Ex.:

      Another hint, could be useful or not – how to start a basic draw from scrap –
      It was an old post’s answer but I think still good, you can skip “new” option and set your own.
      Best wishes, Jurgen.

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      thank you Jurgen…

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      hi Bob

      Thank you so much for your help and information.

      soon i’ll post you my progress in delftship..

      best regards


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