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      I’ve made the download of the last version several times but the installation main window doesn’t open.
      Do someone having the same problem?
      I’ve checked if this occurs in previous version (10.30) and performs good so I think there’s some problem with this update file version.
      Thank you.

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      Jürgen Sass

      Just right. Installation does not work.


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      Ross Lillistone

      Yes, I am having the same problem. However, DelftSHIP Professional is still my favourite hull modelling program!
      Ross Lillistone

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      It seems that Windows smartscreen is preventing the installer to start after the download because there is no publisher certificate present in the installer.
      Have you tried downloading manually from the download area and then start the installer manually?
      This seems to work for most users.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

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      I am having a similar issue — regarding Marven’s instructions,
      <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>(1) downloading manually from the download area,</p>
      <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>(2) and then start the installer manually?</p>
      I’d like to confirm that step (1) involves navigating to [] and clicking ‘download’ for one of the .exe files, and I’d like to ask the process for step (2). Does step (2) involve using the CMD line? I tried a couple different approaches with the CMD line, none of them seemed to achieve anything.

      Sorry for the very basic question.

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