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      Daniel J

      I am using Solidworks and DelftShipPro (Just started).
      How does one approach MultiHull (Trimaran) simulation in Delft.
      I can do two seperate hulls Main and Ama simulate them individually but it seems like a very roundabout way to do it.
      Ultimately one would want to heel the design and establish levels CG CB and draft at various heel angles.

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      Start modelling your outrigger. This can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
      Then translate it off the centerline and model the middle hull as a conventional hull on the centerplane. Due to the symmetry both the outrigger and the center (half) hull will be mirrored by Delftship to get your complete boat.

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      Daniel J

      Thanks, done it.
      Delftship is fantastic easy to use. I move between Solidworks and Delftship with ease. The combination is awesome. Learning curve almost nil.

      Then how do I get hydrostatics at different heel angles?
      DO I rotate my whole model and redo reports?

      It would have been nice if I could get a report at which trim the Tri would settle for different heel angles.
      Would the inclined hydrostatics module do that for me?

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