Deflt ship has an error when I updated today 17th september2013

DELFTship forum Feature requests Deflt ship has an error when I updated today 17th september2013

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      Usman Falah

      I am having an error when I downloaded the update the software recommended on me. I was unable to start the DELFTship anymore. Please help me to solve this.

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      Does it not start at all, or does it require you te re-enter your license information?
      Can you tell us which version you currently have? (eg free or professional, and the program version)

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      mine wont start at all. version 6.22.255 professional. stopped working right after i updated and imported license.

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      for a week or so it started working now i have a problem again and it wont start. last time i restarted my computer and it worked after. i tried that again and no go.

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      I see a similar problem here. Delftship worked last Thursday night but not last Friday and onwards. I thought it was to blame on an update to WinXP but maybe Microsoft is inocent this time.

      I have just downloaded the latest downloadable Delftship and fresh installed it on another WinXP and this works. This version (6.22.255) is a thad older than the non-function one, if memory serves. This WinXP is not up-to-date.

      No, sorry, I don’t have easy access to the version number of the offending Delftship right now.

      Symptoms: Splash-thingy comes up and then nothing more happens.

      Update: Version # of malfunctioning Delftship: 6.22.253 so it is actually slightly older and today it started without any hesitation?!?!?

      I have not paid for this and I don’t need this SW for making a living so I am in no position to complain. I only hope me reporting this may be of some help.


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      giorgio zuppin

      If it can help you, program wizards of DS, stated there is some issue in the new release, I must tell it’s stunning: it goes at random, in a Win 7 fully updated running on a professional hardware it’s 50-50.
      It starts perfecly, or it needs a kick in the ass, clicking and clicking on the icon.
      Dunnkwow, it’s up to you.
      Not a disaster, but a bit unnerving.

      By the way, just for fun, I’ve survived to the sunday’s ordeal, barely… but my liver has given up.
      No wind and too much bottles…
      The starting line was just nice with a whiff of wind in distance:

      but after >>3<<boring hours, we were doomed as:


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      I have skyped with Martijn. Managed to get mine working a little more reliably. I have only had a problem once since he told me this.

      Turn off automatic updates in delftship program settings. when the splash screen appears it searches for updates and if it cannot gain a connection it freezes. you can still update manually after this.

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