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      David K. Hoe

      I have figured out how to build a deck below the gunnel / hull height …. I did a quick study which you can see the deconstruct / reconstruct steps …. basically you build your hull first which should include the gunnel height …. next you create a rectangle plane that intersects the hull completely, fore to aft ….. then create points on your vertical hull lines where you want the deck to follow the horizontal curve of your hull …. then subdivide the interior edge of the rectangle plane into the same amount of points /sections that you will match up with the corresponding points on the vertical hull lines …. pull the points from the interior edge of the rectangle plane to blend with hull points ….. then choose the new hull curve edge and extrude it via the build deck function …. lastly erase the left over part of the rectangle on the exterior of the hull …. you now have a deck located at your horizontal curved hull shape and also your gunnel which follows above the deck ….. following the true hull shape below the deck ….. I will try to simplify this explanation later ….. pau & aloha

      video 1
      video 2
      video 3
      video 4

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      Very nice Samisum!
      Thanks for sharing that.

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