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      John R. Coil

      Well, I did a search using “deadrise” as my keyword and nothing came up in the last year so….

      Has anyone ever asked if a feature could be added whereby deadrise could be specified at different points along the length of a new computer generated boat were possible?

      In so far as I can tell, deadrise at this time a purely a “ya’gets what ya’gets” kinda proposition when it comes to modeling a hull so a feature to produce specified deadrise at different points for either basic rounded or chine hulls might speed things up.

      Likewise, a feature (while not resorting to a hard chine form of hull) that holds the shape of the waterline “constant” (no major problem keeping the keel line more or less constant) while allowing the form of the bilge (hard to slack) or topside (flare to flam) to be adjusted would be really, really nice.

      Naturally, I may have just unwittingly asked someone (who will want to be paid) to spend the next year or two of their life up trying to write some code….

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