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      John Owles

      I think dart points might be the required thing. The design I am working on involves, in basic and simple terms, a double ender with a conventional boat wrapped around it. Early days but all will come clear later. Anyway, I am getting a lot of creasing at the aft end of the double ender part, where everything comes together (a bit like a vertical stern post under a counter), and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of them.

      I have just noticed some brief mentions of ‘Dart Points’. What do they do and how do you get them? If they do what I think, they might be just right.

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      John Owles

      Does anybody know anything about these Dart Points? What are they about and how do they operate?

      This one didn’t seem to spark any response first time around so I’m trying again.

      Any assistance appreciated.


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      Dart points are the transition of a crease edge into the regular smooth surface.
      What you are referring to probably is the fact that whenever thre crease adges meet in one point, then that particular point will be a “hard” point. This is inherent to the underlying mathematics of the surface. It can be overcome by inserting another row of points running aft to front.

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      John Owles

      Thanks Marven, not quite what I thought but all is now clear. In that area anyway.

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