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      Andrew Neudakhin

      Good afternoon.

      In some windows Cyrillic characters are represented by signs. In particular, this applies to the names of layers and inscriptions on the views (see the attached screenshot). Windows 7.

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      iosif gross

      Hi Dislucky
      Can’t see the Cyrillic, the resolution is too low.
      Check the language you are using

      Best wishes

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      Andrew Neudakhin

      Hi, Iosif.
      Thank you for your reply.

      It seems to me that image size/resolution is limited by forum engine.
      I’ll try to add some new pics.
      As for the advice to change the language … Dislucky is my nickname. =) I am a translator. That’s why I need the very fresh version.

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      Thanks for pointing this out.
      We’ll look into it – if its an easy fix we’ll try to include it in the next planned release.

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      Robert Holme

      Check the settings in your locale. The mix of Cyrillic and western characters is most likely due to to non-unicode characters being presented as western if your locale is not Russia (Россия).

      Regards Maryak

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