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      Peter Edmonds

      I have just started modelling a small (5 m) aluminium rigid collar boat in DS; part of a technology transfer for a low level existing project. This involves a collar built from cylinders of rolled plate. I would like to generate the cylinder plate rollouts, including the mitre cuts, in DS.

      I have got as far as setting up cylinders to the require diameter between the axis points, already define elsewhere (SolidWorks). I was then faced with trying to extend the cylinders to pass the mitre cutting (intersection) plane. OK for the orthogonal cylinders (bow transverse and side longitudinal) but not the skewed cylinders.

      Is it possible (and how to do it) to extrude a curve in a non-orthogonal direction?

      My current workaround (yet to be done) is to extend the skewed cylinder centre lines in in 3D vessel space by say a nominal delta X, and then solve for the extended points x y z by linear extrapolation in Excel.

      The illustration is of a part from the SolidWorks model, This is what I want to do within the DS environment.

      Peter Edmonds
      Naval Architect
      Perth, Western Australia

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