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      AvatarBertrand Malas


      I have a small issue that I can’t resolve at the moment.

      I would like to cut the transom of my boat in order to introduce some rake.

      For a number of reasons, I would like to do this by creating a cutting surface and use it to cut the hull, as per the attached image (yellow line represents the cutting surface).

      Any one could help ?

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      Avatargiorgio zuppin

      Hello, it’s quite easy, follow me:
      Create a vertical plan – tools>>add box with the same value for ‘x’ also you can do it by point>>add point then
      face>>create new face; assign to a new layer.
      Move it – in the proper position using either tools>>move or selecting the four corners by left click+Ctrl and move them
      increasing ‘x’ in the small point properties box – you can change increase value clicking “increase dist.” on the
      bottom string.
      Create intersection – in point>>intersect layers appears a box where you specify in wich layer create new points by
      the intersection of the other.

      If it’s all done properly here’s a new set of control points in the hull to be completed by a face, edges and so on.
      Let me know if it works.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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