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      harm Dordrecht

      Is it possible to create plate developments in the free-version of DS?

      Last week someone gave me a link to DS software.
      Yesterday I used to insert my drawings (very rough,just to try out), with help of the tutorial.
      Everything went good, the tutorial is very clear.
      Only after page 14 it is finished. I can’t find a help for creating a plate development.
      When I select “view” the line “plate developments…” doesn’t react.

      And that is the point I wanted to use this program for.

      I am intended to make a model (scale 1:25)
      of a dump hopper barge. using copper(messing) plate.

      When the model is finished I use it to transport the soil from the steam powered bucket dredger model, that I am making from a drawing dated 1932.

      Can someone give me advise?
      Or isn’t it possible with the program I use now?

      Best regards Harm.
      Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

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      Go to the layerproperties window and specify which layers should be unfolded. By default they are all off.

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      harm Dordrecht

      Thanks for answering so quickly.

      I found the place to choose “developable”

      I will continue with this marvelous program.

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