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      Jason Rgar

      Hey Guys,

      I’m trying to make a scale model of Stone Canoe as an experiment.

      I’m hoping to take just a simple canoe design and make a 1.5ft long model to float in an aquarium.

      The challenge is that the stone can be no less than 0.5″ thick.
      with a density of 148lbs/ft3

      Any help?

      Tried to modify the model “modern+malecite” that we found on here but have no idea if that means it will float or not.

      I’m not tied to a specific design, and am looking for some help to define the shape and design for us.

      All the best,


      Can anyone give us a quick hand to make this?

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      OK, here is my thought… Take a RC modeling plywood and make your canoe. Then make offset surface inside the hull. Fill with cement/water mix and add some sort of cotton in it to hold all together.

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      Hey Guys,
      have no idea if that means it will float or not.

      Well that part is fairly easy and won’t require you to build the model:

      • Calculate the total area of the surface of the model (available in delftship
      • Multiply with the expected thickness of your shell (0.5″). This is the minimum volume of stone that you will be using
      • Multiplying this volume with the density of the material yields the total weight of your model. This should be less than (or possibly equal to) then the total volume of the model multiplied with the density of the water.

      Another way to look at it:
      Both the density of the water and stone are known. So the ratio of the total volume of the model divided by the volume of stone used to build it must be greater than the density of the stone divided by the density of the water.

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