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      Wolfgang Rottpeter

      Hi guys!

      I`m new in here and I stumbled across this wonderfull program when I searched for another hull design program I`ve once downloaded….
      I`ve played with this a little and it looks pretty promising, but still I have some ideas, questions and other thoughts I`d like to share with you:

      – Tutorial
      Well made, but unfortunatly the lines plan used has far too many resemblances to the default hull! I for myself tried to create a displacement hull with a rounded stern.. and failed completly.

      – Goal?
      My goal is to create a lines plan from which I can build a model of an older seagoing tug- but unfortunatly I`ve got only the general arrangement plan with no line drawings at all. I guess lots of other amateur users have the same problem because normally you`ll only get this kind of plans out of books and magazines! Good example: Bourbon Orca (seems like everybody wants to built a model of it right now!), or LAFD Fireboat!

      I don`t get the idea for what this software has initially been developed- is it rather a kind of visualizer for otherwise generated plans or has it really been made for designing ships?

      Anyway, I´d love to watch a tutorial in which somebody changes the default hull to something like a trawler, tug, freighter or likewise- that would really be helpfull!


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      Peter Edmonds

      I’m brand new to DELFTship, but have had many years as a working Naval Architect.
      Here is something of a belated answer.
      You can take a General Arrangement and design your own hull shape to fit the GA. This is often how real working designs develop. I suggest you take some inspirations from the sample designs within DELFTship. What you do depends on what you need. For instance, generating a model that “looks right” is far less demanding than generating a workable design that meets loads, displacements, stability, and is reasonably good for resistance, seakeeping, etc.
      If you are still around and following the forum, be encouraged to try things that meet your scope of requirements.

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      Peter Edmonds

      Beware the General Arrangement

      General Arrangements have varying degrees of reliability. Treat what you see with caution, in the context of what you are trying to do. Every design has to start its process of definition, development and refinement somewhere.

      Some years ago on a client supplied GA for a dredge, there was insufficient room to fit the nominated furniture into a compartment, unless we used kindergarten size furniture. Fortunately we picked this up in time, and were able to widen the deckhouse.

      Hull shapes, particularly below the sheet line, can be unreliable. I recollect the case in a patrol boat GA where a WC was positioned partly outside the local shell – lack of understanding by the drafty concerned.

      Another instance, not involving the space, was the engine room for a 17 m research vessel being provided with neither access hatch nor underdeck bulkhead access door. As it turned out, this design was not built, and an existing vessel converted instead.

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      You could load a profile and a plan view in bacground images of your desired ship. After that you could select a similar design in the Design Database and load it.
      Using the Scale command adjust the dimensions in 3 axes until they roughly meet those of your model.
      After this you could modify the lines to closly resemble your model and fair them to have a reasonably good working design

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