Create deck plane as the intections at z=xxx with the hull

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      How to create a face as the intersection between the hull and a plane (z=xxx) ?

      If I use the points generated by the intersection function, the hull shape is impacted. Is there a way to create a face from the control line ?


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      Hi Pidgee,

      I’m not sure what you mean with “Is there a way to create a face from the control line”

      Is it possible for you to post a picture?

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      Terrance Egolf

      Hello, Pidgee.

      It sounds like you are trying to produce waterline patterns of the hull at various heights above the baseline, correct? Would these be for creating templates for a lift model, where you will be carving a solid block glued up from wooden lifts?

      I suggest that you start by creating a horizontal, rectangular plane subdivided as many times as needed by interior edges, both transverse and longitudinal, which forms a surface on which to “draw” the hull’s waterline at Z = xxx. Assign the rectangle to its own layer, then place the rectangle at the desired z-coordinate so it intersects the hull surface. Be sure that the interior edge of the rectangle is aligned transversely exactly at the centerline before doing the intersection.

      Create an intersection of the hull layer with the rectangle, inserting the points into the rectangle’s layer.

      Turn off the hull layer, and delete the surface of the rectangle outside the resulting intersection line, if desired (this isn’t strictly necessary). This provides a waterline pattern for the hull at that height, and does not affect the hull shape itself. You may have to do some minor repair to the waterline edge. The Intersection feature can be a bit buggy.

      For repeated intersection operations at different z-heights, you can save the original rectangle (before using it) as a .part file, then after each intersection operation at a different height, you can import the [rectangle].part and move it to the next height. This saves having to recreate the rectangle between each operation.

      Also, you probably will want to include station lines in these patterns so you can align them correctly after printing the patterns.

      Hope this helps.


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