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      Hi, I am new to Delftship about 200 hrs. I am working on a planing hull and a corner point has “appeared “ on the  last control point before the stem of each of my lifting strakes. The corner points both have an extra edge attached which I cannot collapse – if I delete I have a hole.
      Any ideas on what I did wrong and or how to fix. Offending points attached

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      Hi PBC, and welcome to our Forum!

      Without having the actual model it will be very hard to understand what exactly is going on, but there are a few generic points to make:

      1) Wherever more than 2 crease edges intersect, there is going to be a corner point. It follows from how a crease edge is defined.

      2) dragging 2 points to the exact same place in 3D space does NOT make it a single new point-they will be two separate points. (sadly, you cannot ‘merge’ these points)

      This last point explains the leak points I see in your pics, and may explain the ‘sudden’ appearance of unexpected edges- I am not sure how you created those points, so I can not begin to explain how to fix it. What I normally do is delete (or sometimes collapse) one of the offending points, and add new surfaces to fill the gap..

      What may be a good exercise for now is to start a new project, and use the Planing hull template. Make sure you enter the dimensions in the new model window.

      If you have linesplan drawings add these as background images, and drag control points from orthogonal views (top/ left/ front) so your model matches the waterlines/buttocks /frames respectively.

      You can of course create a linesplan from the model you are currently working on, and use that as a basis for your background images.

      If you need more edges / points, simply select two (or more) edges that should be ‘split’ by the new edge, and click ‘Split’ (home tab, Edge group). ‘Collapse’ is the opposite- it removes an edge without creating a hole. A point can only be collapsed if it has exactly 2 connecting edges.

      It can be a bit of a challenge to work out how to do this, but it is very worth your while to understand this.

      Once you are set up and get the hang of it, this can be a surprisingly fast (and relatively easy) thing to do. Admittedly, there is a bit of a learning curve..

      Good luck!

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      Thanks Maarten,

      I used the planing hull template to start and then added offset points that I had.

      i did further investigation last night. My original model Does not have the corner point issue. When I use the Check Model function it adds extra edges from that point- my point then has 3 edges and becomes a corner point. Those double points in a 3 d space are not in my original model. The check model function is adding them. I save versions of my model as I work so I can go back to   Intact version but still can’t use the check model function without the problem arising

      I do have points on top of each other in my model but this is where crease edges are converging . I do not have leak points in these areas.


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      You are welcome, of course.


      The check model function does not add points. At least, up to now it has never done that. It may be the  points were there, and only became visible because of a flipped normal? It is impossible to say more without having seen the model. I very highly recommend against having overlapping points. Nothing good will come of it, and confusion and problems are always always a result.

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