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      I recently downloaded some of the models that others had imported. One such model had a number of cannon drawn and had teo or three lower decks. My question is how do you draw an item like this cannon or some of the people that have been modeled, and then duplicate them more than just by mirroring. I would assume that there is a way of doing this since I doubt that you’d want to duplicate it by hand.

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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Hi MAL1968,
      I had not realised that DS does not have a copy and paste command for items one want to reproduce more than once.
      In any case you can create a layer for that item and then export it as a part (you will be asked to indicate what layers you want to export). Later you open another DS session and import that part in order to relocate it outside the position where it was created, otherwise when you import it on the original model it will be placed exactly on top of the original item. Then save the file with the part relocated. Finally you import the part in the new location into the original file and then move it to where you want.
      A bit messy but it works…
      Best regards,

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      Sergio, Thanks for your reply, it makes sense to do it that way. I experimented with that once but couldn’t figure out How to move the imported part. I think I probably could now as I discover new tricks with this program every day. For me it is just a pastime but i’d like to eventually get time to actually build something.

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