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      Gianella Azzopardi

      Hi, im currently digitizing my lines plan. IT’s going great, however when I click on a control point, the control point window containing the X Y Z coordinates does not appear. I need this to move one of the points and i also need to use the corner option which appears underneath the coordinates.

      Any ideas how i can get it back?

      Ive attached a picture of the window im talking about. I got this picture from the manual.


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      I am having the same problem at the moment. Everytime I import a new marker file the control point form disappears and even at other moments it does, despite selecting one or more control points.

      Only solution I found out yet is restarting te program. Anyone there has a better one?


      ( I am using Delftship free 3.2)

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      In some versions of Windows the OS will not bring the window on top of the mainform, so it’s located behind it. Moving your main form aside will make it visible again.

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      Thanks, I will have a look.

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