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      Hello everybody, I am new, so please be polite, if i ask a question which was allready answered.

      At the moment i am trying to design a racing sailboat which fits into Meter-Rule. Part of measurement is lenght of chain girth at two stations at hull.

      Chain girth:

      Can anybody help me, how to measure that at delftship?

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      Hi, welcome aboard.
      You can export the drawing in a .dxf file and use a polyline.
      Menu Save > Export > 2D Curves > DXF 2D curves.
      To export, the Stations must be ON and of course you have to position the stations were they are needed: Tools > Intersections > Stations > Add > …..
      Then open the.DXF with a CAD (Autocad etc.), modify the station to draw the chain with a polyline then you can find very easily the lenght.

      Cheers for now

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