Constructing a hull one station at a time, and two other questions

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      I am new to DELFT, so please bear with me. I need to model an amphibious boat, with unusual shape. When I input all offsets to create a surface (File->Import->Surface), the drawing is practically unreadable because of the too many points. I have 37 stations. The number of points in each station is different, sometimes two (near the bow, sometimes 20 when the shape is more complex.) It is impossible to see which point belongs where on the construced model.

      Three questions:
      The difference in the number of points between stations would create faces that are not always 4-point. Any way to avoid that?

      I am not sure how many points I should take in the vertical direction since the number of points varies greatly between stations. Any rule here?

      Is there a way of entering only one station at a time and build the model step by step?

      Thanks in advance

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      Jesus Cruz

      One option could be import the stations as markers instead of points, and from that you can insert points the the markers, les number of points, a number that allow you to keep it managable.

      Hope it helps

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      Thanks for the response.

      I am not sure how to Import the points as Markers. There is no such option under File->Import. I am using the free version. Could this be the reason?

      I am using DELFTship (free) version 5, and the maual that comes with it is actually for version 3.3, so things do not correspond properly.

      The other question I have is how to choose the “number of rows” when importing a surface, if I have different number of points on each station.

      Thanks again

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