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      Maximilian Hacker

      There are some things I really do like in your Version 3.64.23, as there ist the new “power down button”, the new Layer Menu Layout, the new options in the “preferences menu”.

      But I would like to suggest some improvements:

      The Visibility of the black text on medium grey background in the Layer menu (Description, Visible, Symmetric,…) is very poor, I would rather change the text color to white, or change the background to a brighter grey.

      The light blue background of enabled buttons disturbs the the relative color “feeling” of the icons on the main button line. Grey Icons seem to get a little blueish, black lines seem to get grey, red lines seem to lighten up because they are darker than the main background (when switched off) but lighter than the blue background when enabled. In general it causes my head to loose the unsconcious contact to the icons because they seem to have seriously changed (while they are not – it’s only caused by the blue background)

      My suggestion is to take advantage of the new control bar background – the fade from white to grey – and to “enlighten” the buttons (clear white background when enabled). The thin blue border actually looks good and is sufficient to make visible which buttons are active:

      best regards from Austria,


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