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      I posted previously that I didn’t believe the CLR values I was getting for a heeled hull.  I have now discovered that the tool’s CLR calculation algorithm is flawed, but fortunately there is a simple workaround.

      Just to be clear, I believe the Lateral CLR should be the 2D centroid of the submerged area given by projecting the hull onto a Z plane behind the boat i.e, the centroid of the grey area when the model is vieweCLR

      d from the side.

      The tool calculates the area to be used by determining the intersection of the model with a z-plane at the origin.  For a symmetrical hull of conventional shape this will be correct, but will be wrong if there are deeper parts of the model off the centre line. Hopefully the image will make it clear.

      The fix is pretty simple – just move the model laterally until the deepest part of the model is aligned with the z-Plane through the origin.

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