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      Sean Russell

      I just converted a little pram I designed from a chined hull to a round hull. I did this by clicking on the chine button to make the chines round. This worked except for the outside corner of the transom, which remains a corner when it should be round. Clicking the corner box does not change it. I tried clicking on the bottom edge of the transom and converting it from a chine but this left the oddest “holes” in the bottom where the hull and transom meet. I also tried deleting the transom and then clicking the corner box but this didn’t work either.
      Has anyone encountered this before? Any suggestions?

      Here are some views of the hull. I’ve included a view of the hull before I did away with the chines.






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      I’m not sure I understand your problem (english ins’t my mother tongue)

      If just changing a hard chine to a soft chine leaves your hull with holes, this means the transom is not connected to the hull… and the holes were already there however not seen. Did you use the Check Hull tool to find leaking points?

      I guess you probably created the transom by extrusion of only one plank of the hull instead of extruding all planks at once… :whistle:

      The best way to draw a transom is to extrude (look for this button) backward and upward at once the aft border edge of your hull or to create a new surface (look for this button) using the hull’s aft edge points as reference (using another layer allows you to display the transom alone for adding more details) . This way, the transom will be connected to the hull and there’ll be no leaking points.

      Note: What’s the difference between the two Perspective views you attached? :blink:

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      Sean Russell

      Thanks for the reply. I did extrude the transom from all the planks and did the check model to get rid of the common edge.

      I’ve had this odd problem with my computer where I put two attache two different views and it only attaches one. Don’t know why.

      Thanks again.

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      Sean Russell

      Solved the problem with a little help from Maarten. Thanks.

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