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      I downloaded Delftship to a computer I own & purchased a license.

      Very shortly after doing this the computer stopped running Delftship & displayed a message about OpenGL wrong version.

      I have tried everything but cannot get it working.

      As a result of this I have bought another computer that does run Delftship free version.

      How can I get the license transferred to the new machine?

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      That is very stange OpenGL behaviour indeed- the installer is supposed to notify you on incompatible OpenGL versions..

      That said, you can hold down the Shift key when you start DELFTship- this triggers the ‘Safe Mode’ and bypasses many graphical options. Now you can de-activate DELFTship to re-claim your activation slot:

      Go to the “Settings” tab in the main menu. On that tab, click the “Register” button. In the window that opens click the “Deactivate” (in newer versions this is the ‘License management’ ) button to deactivate your license. If the “Deactivate” button is not available, this installation was not (yet) activated.

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