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      Claudio Boezio

      In DELFTship’s ‘Export’ menu there’s the command ‘CFD Meshes’ to generate and export meshes to be used with CFD software. The two formats available are:

      • Diffrac Patran file *.pat
      • Rapid mesh *.msh

      I can’t find references for the rapid mesh file format on the internet. OpenFOAM has three mesh conversion utilities for mesh files with the extension *.msh and so I’m wondering, whether the rapid mesh one exported by DELFTship is one of those. Does anyone know something about this?

      It is also possible to export the DELFTship geometry as an *.stl file and then generate the mesh with OpenFOAM’s meshing tools, however the resulting mesh might be not well suited for the calculations. This is due the meshing tools, not the exported *.stl files which are perfectly fine. Due to unsatisfactory results with this option, I’m looking for a more direct way to export a mesh and use it in OpenFOAM, if possible. Thanks.

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