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      Hello, everybody

      I am quite new to Delftship, and I am not an engineer, I am a nautical archaeologist using this software for research purposes, so my knowledge of this field is not as extent. One of the questions I have about it is if the software is capable of calculating the center of gravity. I noticed there is a value called VCG in the Design Hydrostatics report, but I am not sure if that is whay I am looking for.


      Thanks for your help

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      Hi Raul,

      Welcome to the DELFTship forum.

      Centre of gravity (CoG) is a bit of a tricky thing- DELFTship can calculate the CoG of each layer, and the combined CoG’s of all layers (provided you specified a thickenss and a weight to each layer), but DELFTship has no knowledge of construction elements. As these pose a significant portion of the total weight of a vessel an exact CoG can not be calculated based on hull design alone. For this reason the baseic weight distribution of ships is specified in a list of weights that results in the CoG used in stability calculations. This list includes every significant weight that must always be present on a ship- things like engines, masts, rigging, etc.

      We can say more about the centre of buoyancy (CoB), which might help get an idea of where loads might have been to keep a vessel relatively even keeled: the further away from theĀ  CoB the CoG is situated, the bigger the list and trim of the ship will be.


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